Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have deleted all references to politics on my blog. I have started a new politics only blog. I will put the link in my sidebar when I am finished setting it up.

First of all, I have to say this, Barack Obama wasn't my candidate, but I love my country, and he is my president. Unlike many many narrow minded liberals, who hated Bush from day one, I will give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. Until he does something to let me down. But, I will not sell out my values for him. If he does something good, I will admit it. And I will draw the line and speak out if he starts walking down the socialist path.

What got me thinking about all of this was a comment from Dianna in Maui, who said
"Oh my God, Teri, it's been a long time since I visited your blog. I'm really shocked and disturbed by your attitude! To say that you "aspire to decency and civility," yet post such hatred-filled propaganda is really disappointing to see. Where is the friendly, loving quilter I knew?"
I thought about her comments all day at work, and all I can say is, I understand if any of you disagreed with any of my comments during the course of this LONG election cycle. But what I don't understand is the anger. I read blogs written by artists, quilters, and knitters every day. I am well aware that it is almost a prerequisite to be a liberal if you are creative any any way. I have read their almost orgasmic comments about Obama for almost two years, without comment to them. I have read the real words of hate of President Bush spewed from their thoughts for eight years without ever commenting to them.

I have not commented to them, even though I usually vehemently disagree with them. I respect their rights to their own opinions. All of my artist friends voted for Obama, and they are still my friends. If I didn't aspire to be decent and civil, I would have REALLY said what I thought. I would have commented on every single blog that said something that I disagreed with. And there were MANY of them. It is becoming too common, that the only good thought is liberal thought. If I don't all agree with what the liberal thought of the day is, there is something wrong with me. No.. I don't think so.

And I will not apologize for having a conservative opinion any more. Just because my opinion differs from a liberals, doesn't mean it is 'propoganda'. Most of my opinions of Obama comes from opening my eyes and ears to what he HIMSELF has said out of his mouth, from his actions, and from his books. Repeating it or stating an opinion isn't propoganda. If the people that are so in love with him don't want to see or hear any of the scary things related to him, there is nothing I can say to change their minds. But I have the RIGHT to have a differing opinion.

If the stupid Republicans would have stayed conservative, they wouldn't be out on their cans right now. They sold out their values, they let themselves be bullied by political correctness and forgot about who put them there (aka George Bush) The country hasn't moved left, the moderates and people to the right have forgotten what they believed in. We have elected too many moderate, liberal Republicans (aka John McCain) and we have no one to believe in anymore, so many of them stayed home and didn't vote at all.

What you need to understand is, I spend a good 85% of my free time, watching news, c-span, reading history, researching current events, etc. I am aware that most people 'have a life' and they don't do what I do. They are quilting, knitting, painting, traveling, gardening, etc. I have said how I spend my time before, but what I haven't said is face it, I am a MUCH more informed voter than many of you. You may catch the occasional evening news, but everyone (including recently polled Democrats) knows that the media is hard left, and were in the tank for Obama from the start. That means, they didn't tell you what they should have about him so you could make a more informed decision. The media told you about the 'feel good' candidate, and you all fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I made my decisions on research, not good feelings and hope for change. I love my country, it was a great country 3 days ago, it is not greater just because this man is President.

Remember, this is MY opinion, which I have a RIGHT to. It doesn't make me unfriendly, or unloving, because I hold neither of those attributes. What it makes me is NOT LIBERAL, which is not a bad thing, only different. You should all open your minds and embrace another side of political thought, instead of thinking it is stupid or evil, you might actually find out that some of it is good, and some of it is what you could also believe.


A Prairie Home said...

Amen, Teri. Well said.


Dorothy said...

Teri, I didn't read hatred in your words; I read anger, and frustration and fear. Anger that people were following like sheep, frustration that so many seem to have absolutely no interest in being any more informed than CNN or FOX News or MSNBC chose to make them, and fear for the country you love.

I hope that you didn't read blind devotion to the left or uninformed Bush bashing in the posts on my blog. My messages were posted out of frustration; not much would made me happier last Tuesday than filling in the little circles on a ballot and feeding it into the machine, regardless of how the big show played out. I just wanted to have a part.

I will say that, today, I feel better about the prospect of becoming an American citizen during the presidency of Obama (though President Chris Dodd? How awesome would THAT have been?!)

You and I see things from completely different sides, Teri, and I'm happy to still consider you a friend, not in spite of our views, but honestly, in part because of them. I'd love to argue with you over coffee sometime. ;o)

Oh, and unless called for (they are all politicians after all) no more politics on my blog either.

Penny said...

Thank you for voicing my own sentiments so well.

I like your blog.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

My gosh Teri I could not have said it better myself. I feel exactly the way you do. I read and informed myself, watched both conventions. Just know there are others out there that could not agree with you more!