Thursday, November 06, 2008


This is not exactly what I had in mind, but, taa daaa... my studio media center. I don't like all of the cords hanging down. It makes it look messy, and I miss my computer desk, and I planned on putting it in the closet. It would just fit. But, I didn't know when that would be done. It is heavy, and I hate to ask my husband to help lug it up the stairs. So this set up might be temporary, it might be permanent. I need him to make something for me to put my VCR/DVD players on. Possibly something that will hang on the wall somewhere.

I planned to bring my big analog TV up but realized that the area seemed bigger until I actually started working in it. I bought a TV rack which goes on the wall, and is designed to hold a TV and both of my players. I really didn't like it. It took up most of the depth of the closet and came down so low that I would have bashed my head on it for sure. So, I decided to break my "don't spend any money in this economy" promise to myself and I treated myself to a nice tv that I could mount on the wall. It was fairly inexpensive as those things go, and is just perfect.
And I am so happy to have my computer upstairs. I never want to leave this room now. It was getting harder and harder to navigate the stairs so many times every day. I just love my new room.


plasma said...

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Teri said...

Thanks, but it is on a swivel mount which I pushed back against the wall so the tv didn't stick out.

jb81185 said...

Hey thats my closet!!!! LoL I love the way the room looks! When I come home Drew and I can help move your computer desk upstairs so you can have the perfect media room! Love you Mommy