Sunday, November 02, 2008

HEARTSTRINGS LACE SMOKE RING I have been going through my ufo's and I finished up this cowl. It is made out of hand dyed cashmere I don't know the name off hand, I would have to look it up. But the color is 'Smoky Mountain"
I almost tore it out, and went as far as not cutting the yarn when I finised binding off. I slipped it over my head, and I liked it, so I decided to keep it. I still have some yarn left to make something small, that's why I thought I should just tear it out and make a scarf or a shawl. Probably should try to track down the yarn maker instead.
I hope your weekend is good. I have watched several movies, and the series "Christy" which is always good. I saw a movie called "Death at a Funeral" which was hilarious. I also watched the Kite Runner.. subtitled, but good. And Miss Pettigrew, which was okay. Other than that, I went out to help hang quilts for our guild auction. By the time I pried myself off of the couch, I got there an hour later than the start time and they were already done. I still am not 100% better after the pneumonia, and I wanted to help, but really didn't feel up to it.

If you are in the northern Ohio area, you might want to come. It is Oberlin next Saturday morning. Click the link to my guild in the sidebar and get all of the information. There are many quilts, and there is an album in my webshots that shows all of the items that will be auctioned. With the exception of some antique quilt tops, and a great collection of fabric Christmas postcards that are already stamped.


Jules said...

Your work is so beautiful. I hope you recover from the pneumonia soon. It is hard to get back from that, I know.

Teri said...

Thanks Jules! Hopefully I will start doing better soon. Luckily, I don't have to go in tomorrow for jury duty, I just have to go to work. I don't know which is worse!

Rian said...

Death at a Funeral was a scream! I enjoyed Kite Runner also, but I never had much success reading the book.

I hope you'll get over your pneumonia soon. You need to rest.