Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I explained how I messed up this easy pattern, increasing it at least 30 stitches every 4th row. Well after several starts, I finally got it right. I almost hesitate to say that maybe it could be a little wider. But I am not ripping it out again. Yes, that yarn is partially shocking pink. I have some socks made out of it. I believe it is a hand dye Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I have made Mittens from the tweed, and a neck ring, smoke ring.. scarf thing made out of the teal. This shawl will be a catalog of my other projects.
Thanks to modern medicine, I feel much better today. The comparison of yesterday and today is astounding. I plan to return to work tomorrow. That initial 5am alarm is always a shock, but I'm sure after a tasty McDonalds coffee I will be ready to face the day.
I plugged in my sewing machine today and I plan to work on my one project that I will work on at a time.. yes Robin, just one. I keep my knitting in the living room. ;)

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Dorothy said...

Do the Cherry Tree socks stain your feet? I knit a lace scark with a pretty blue/green Cherry Tree on wood needles. Though the colour came off my fingers pretty quickly, the needles are still green.