Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm slowly making progress on my new studio. I have the important things up. My sewing machine, my computer and TV, and of course, Sam's bed. I recently bought some new down pillows, so Sam has the privilege of getting two of the old one's in his bed. He approves. I have all three of my important cabinets right behind where I sit when I'm sewing. They will be so much more useful now. Before they were across from me and something always seemed to obstruct my path to them. They were not utilized the way they will be now. The one on top has 3 drawers and is made out of cherry. It has most of my silk threads and 60 wt threads, along with my fabric markers.
The second cabinet is made out of Chestnut and it holds all of my books on cd. I have put my speakers, cd player, and ipod speakers on the very top.
The bottom cabinet is made out of oak, and has 6 drawers. It hold all of my machine and hand needles, many of the smaller spools of heavier quilting threads, and will hold many of my notions eventually.
Along with these, my sewing table has 6 long deep drawers, and I have the 4 drawers of my file cabinet. I have one cabinet that contains all of my patterns
I still have a lot to do, but, it is nice starting from nothing, because I can only put what I need in here so it has a better chance of not being a mess all of the time. I still have shelves to put up, a design wall to make, lots of things. It's going to be about as close to perfect as I can get it.


Jackie said...

I love your cabinets! Do you know what they were originally used for? The pup is adorable!

Teri said...

Hi Jackie,
The top and bottom cabinets are replicas of JP Coats and Clarks spool cabinets that were used in stores to hold threads for sale. My husband built those for me from a photo. He also built the center cabinet for me. That is chestnut from apalachia. Since the chestnuts there died in the earlier part of last century,the wood for that cabinet is what I think is called re-claimed. It is a very nice wood with lots of little worm holes. Now I am sorry that he used it to make a cabinet for CD's since I figure they will eventually be eliminated as media storage, and that would make the cabinet useless. Maybe he could add taller sides for storage to each drawer, when that time comes. As it is, he has enough left to make a small table, and I have been after him to do that. If you would like to see my spool cabinets in more detail, there are photos in my webshots album

Rian said...

My goodness, what a lot of patterns you have! (I think I have two.) Sam looks happy. We like to see happy dogs.

Debra said...

Beautiful cabinets!