Sunday, December 14, 2008

I bought this moda print yesterday. It goes along with a similar print that is a dark brown on brown floral print. Although this print is nice, it is just way to much contrast to put with the dark dark brown print.
So I decided to coffee dye the fabric. You can see the swatch I tested on the fabric in the photo that is above.It turned out a little darker, but still a bit too bright. It actually looks a little darker than the photo shows. If it was daytime out, I would take the photo in natural light.

I hope that you all are well, and that you are enjoying the season. My friend and I went shopping yesterday. We hit a sale at a local quilt store. I stopped at a little shop and purchased a little glass ornament that looked like a wrapped piece of candy. The shop person didn't take any special care wrapping the ornament. She just put it in a bag. So I put it in between the folds of fabric in my other bag to protect it. Well, you probably guessed what happened when I took out my fabric. Smashed the ornament to bits when it hit the floor. It never made it out of it's bag. Oh well. It's not like I have put up my tree yet anyway. :(

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