Monday, December 15, 2008


DOROTHY got me thinking today when she wrote about resolutions. I remember when we were all going to do the 'Artist's Way".. to free our minds up so we could be so creative. Or not.

Recently, I got this book at the library. I read the Artist's way, and this is set up pretty much the same way. Instead of eating, you write. She's big into journaling.


As a concept, the idea of writing down your thoughts appeals to me. I guess that makes sense as I do enjoy blogging. But I guess the point of this one is to write your deepest thoughts and fears to help you overcome your need to over eat. I have always told my kids to never put anything in writing that you would be ashamed for someone else to read. Somehow I don't think they got this concept because I read one of my daughter's my space page, and I never will again. I don't really want to know... ya know?

Now , don't laugh, even though I tend to go overboard at times, I believe that some things are meant to be private. I can't imagine writing a journal about how I feel about my blubber, and not being embarrassed if someone in my family read it. Some of my thoughts I would rather keep to myself, even if they eat me alive. Which in the case of being fat, may be a good thing..

Morning pages Dorothy?

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