Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sent by my daughter from her cell phone to my email. Too darn close for comfort if you ask me!! (thinking about what is under the clouds that you can't see.) My daughter and son in law have been stranded in Seattle airport for 2 days on their way to Dallas airport to visit with his family for Christmas. They luckily caught a flight out this morning, ended up in Palm Springs Ca, with a layover, and I guess to Dallas from there. At last contact, they still hadn't caught up with their luggage, and they decided to put presents in their carry ons' instead of underwear and toothbrushes. Ewww... I'm glad they are going to Dallas first!

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black bear cabin said...

sounds like your daughter and son in law will be getting socks and underwear for christmas :) heheheh
have a wonderful holiday!