Sunday, December 21, 2008


I used up 25 pounds of rice, and actually ran out. These are rice bags, the big ones are for heat and the little ones are for the freezer. I still need to make flannel covers for the heat bags. I will tell you about the specifics later. But they make wonderful inexpensive gifts.
These are the labels that I sew into the final seam of the large bags. I print them out on June Tailor colorfast sheets because they have a little more 'body' to them than other kinds of fabric sheets. Thanks to my friend Lindy for the idea.
I saved a little money buying this gripper. The 'Gypsy Gripper" that is intended for quilting rulers is around $20.00 plus shipping which would bring it to around $27.00. I saw this one in my local Walgreens on the shelf with other "As seen on TV" items. It cost $12.00. I really like it. I wondered about it's worth, but, it is great for cutting, and holding it like this, means the ruler doesn't slip.

I put up my tree. I shoved the big one back up into the attic. I removed my huge Christmas Cactus from it's stool and clamped this tree on. I covered it with candy cane Christmas fabric. I just love this little tree.
So anyway, back to work making bags. I have to take at least some of them to work with me tomorrow.

My daughter and son in law are stranded in Seattle on the way to Dallas to visit his family for Christmas. Their flight was canceled because of the ice storm they are having there. She is not a seasoned flyer and called me crying about it. That's the problem with flying this time of year. They will get to where they are going eventually..


Rian said...

What a pretty little tree! It looks so elegant with all the beads. Sorry to hear about your daughter getting stranded. Unfortunately it's an all too familiar refrain this time of year.

elfhund said...

Cousin Terry. Your tree looks so pretty. I put mine up this year, but only about a tenth of my ornaments. Next year I'll go all out. I made two new ornaments this year, wish you could see them. My cats are using the presents under the tree to hide behind and watch the rest of the room for any little merry mice. Love you, Cuzin Brenda