Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thought that you would like to see my holiday haul of books. A couple were gifts, and the rest were purchased for 40-50% off at various sales.
My friend Robin suggested knitting two socks at a time on a circular needle. I might give that a try. Then I am on a mitten kick I love the Selbuvotter mittens. I have made several sets of very warm mittens and I don't have any for myself. The Knitted Jackets book has some great patterns, and I can always make a cabled sweater. I actually bought a couple of quilting theme books..
Here is my latest and last (for a while) pair of Fiddlehead mittens.
A new year is starting along with a whole lot of ideas for new projects. Maybe I will even do a quilt for competition. I just haven't been in the right frame of mind for a while. The competition is stiff, and I don't know that I am up to it. But it is fun to set a higher goal for myself. The wedding shawl will be the big thing. that will take a good deal of my time. I am actually going to try to finish up all of my quilt tops. Get them quilted and out of my way. Other than July 4th, I think New Years is my favorite holiday, a new start, which is a good thing.


black bear cabin said...

cute mittens...and what a score at the book store!!! have fun with your new reads :)

Jackie said...

Your mittens are fantastic! I'm learning 2 socks on one circular in early January! I hope I like it as it makes sense to do them both at once as I'm sometimes make little changes that are tough to keep track of!

Teri said...

Thanks Jackie, I have knitted forever, but I never attempted socks until a couple of years ago. Actually, it was the wonderful hand dyed yarns that tempted me to start knitting again. I tried kniting my first sock (one at a time) on a circular needle. Let's just say, it didn't turn out well. Probably because I wasn't familiar with sock anatomy and terminology at that point. I am hoping that I can do it this time. Let me know how it works for you!