Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay,I am going to call this the first project of the new year, although, I could technically call it the last project of this year, I couldn't hope to finish it in a week.

This is the Queen Silvia shawl from KNITTED LACE OF ESTONIA . I put the penny there so you can see how thin the wool is. That color edge is just a crocheted chain. I picked up my knitting stitches in the back of each chain, and then when I am finished knitting the length of the shawl, I can undo the chains and pick up the live knitted stitches so that I can knit on the lace edging. I am making if for my daughter to use as her wedding shawl.
I finally got my third set of fiddlehead fern mittens finished. They are for a gift, and I am glad to be done with them. I knitted 3 pairs of the same pattern . The mystery is gone.

We went to see Marley and Me. If you own a dog, you will laugh and cry at this movie. We had two sets of seriously inconsiderate women talk through much of the first part of the movie. The first set were a couple of rows in front of us to our right. they were in their 30's, and brought their young children with them. Someone in front of them asked them to stop talking, and they cussed her out. But at least they stopped talking. The other set were middle aged, I think, and sat in the same row as us to our left. So we had stereo chatting women. The incident in front of us didn't make an impression on them at all because they just kept chatting away. When my husband went to them and asked them to be quiet, they decided to shut their mouths.
What I don't understand is the total lack of manners displayed by these women. The first sets reaction in front of their children shows me how children these days have a total lack of respect for authority, or adults. Look at the example being set for them. How can they be so inconsiderate and not think a thing of it?
Of course, this is no different than women in my various guilds that chatter all the way through the speakers presentation. Why should any of us have to tell them to stop talking? They don't have the manners to keep their mouth shut, and show respect to the speaker?

So, anyway, we eventually had a nice, movie, and could concentrate on the dialog that we paid money for, so it turned out okay.

I've got 8 rows done on my new project, only about 56" to go..

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Sheri said...

I' afraid to go see that movie I know I'll cry myself sick.
Your right about mothers now days not teaching their children to be considerate of others. A few years ago when my teenage son and I were on a train coming from Chicago, a mother and two young daughters about six and nine were sat down in front of us. When the mother showed them how to recline the seats they both ask very concerned "Won't that bother the people behind us?" When we were getting off I stopped and told her what sweet polite children she had.
A rare find these days.