Friday, December 19, 2008


The third Friday of the month is when a group of my friends get together to 'sew' although sometimes we don't. But there is a lot of laughter and sharing, which is the best part anyway. All of the quilts you will see were show and tell that some of our group recently made. Kaye has a new long arm and quilted all of the quilts. She does a good job and it is great having our very own long arm quilter. In between show and tell photos are photos of the gifts I got from each of them. Kaye and I worked on our gifts together. They were small quilted 'mats' that you sit your machine on. They have pockets that hang down in front of the machine. I forgot to take photos, and I don't have mine finished yet.. so later with that picture.
Nancy's quilt
A pillow made by Kathleen-one for each of us
Georgia made two of these quilts in a month for her Grand daughters.
a gadget holder from Bobbie
A cake tester (shawl pin?) from Georgia, and a fabric bag that contained a hand knitted washcloth and hand made clove soap from nancy.
Awesome skull scissors from Lindy who really knows me
a ruler holder made by Karin's husband. I LOVE it. I put it on the wall by my sewing table. It gets all of my little rulers up and off of my table and within easy reach. Actually, I totally filled this up after I took this photo. I went through my sewing table drawer and took out all of the small rulers that were in there. She said she made the sizes of these depending on how many 'gagets' each of us have. She knows I have a lot.....even though she is way worse than I am in the notions buying.... I'm just sayin..
Nancy's tree. She made the garland many years ago out of those old paper straws. There are many handmade ornaments on her tree.
This is a different take on Readers digest Christmas trees. These are folded books by Gene Epstein, who is an artist from Oberlin
One of the 'neutral' quilts that Karin made for a Christmas gift. Karin loves bright shiny fabrics, so I guess it has been torture for her to make brown quilts. I think they are lovely. I didn't take a photo of the back but Karin always puts a Christmas theme on the back of these big quilts. Sometimes different 6" squares of Christmas fabric, this time it had several different prints. Great idea Karin. Also, Lindy made a great little satin brocade dress for one of her grand daughters. It was an Asian style and very pretty. I forgot to take a photo.. so you will have to take my word for it!

I guess I am going to have to break down and put some sort of Christmas tree up tomorrow. I thought if I just ignored it, Christmas would be over and I wouldn't have to bother.. but somehow, I am not going to be that fortunate. I have a lot to do, so you may not hear from me for a couple of days!

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Rian said...

Great photos--I love ALL the quilts of course, but that pillow has to be the best. I am totally envious of the ruler holder.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.