Sunday, February 22, 2009

This neat little invention is what has kept me away from the computer all weekend, and helped me be more productive in the studio. While I was IN the studio that is.
I got a new cell phone with internet. So I know when I get an email, and I can read or not and delete it. This keeps me from sitting down at the computer for my email, and then getting drawn into being here for long periods of time.
First, I worked on a miniature round robin quilt. These are the fabrics that I am using.
Then, I got the pattern together for a quilt with horse blocks for a friend that is having a baby. This is the background fabric for the blocks.
This is a kit I bought some time ago. I didn't even remember that I had it. I came across it when I was bring some things upstairs. It is pretty simple, and the pieces were all pre-cut. I bought it to make for my husband, who has collected the state quarters. This little quilt will not look as tacky hanging on the wall as one of those wooden things with the quarters stuck into holes.. but it will still hang in his office. I am going to make it to hang vertically with the quarters at the top and the stripes below.
I enjoyed my weekend off, I wish that I had more time, but it's back to the office tomorrow. I should be in bed now, instead of doing this, I guess I lost track of time. I have been working with just the light over my sewing machine, and candles in the window to my left. It is soothing and I enjoy being in here. I put in DVD's and sewed. I have watched, Appaloosa, (boring) the Changeling (long but good) Season one of Terminator - Sarah Connors Chronicles ( you already know I'm a nerd.) And I went to see a movie this weekend Madea goes to jail.. or something (my daughter wanted to see that one) it was mindless, but okay.
I hope that you all have a great start for the week!



Debra said...

Clever little wallhanging for the quarters!

I understand about the Net. I'll come into the office to look something up and then I ended up checking my mail, go back to my studio & remember I never looked up the original thought or question. So, it's back to the computer. Arrgh!

Robin said...

I love your quarter holding quilt - what a good idea-