Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here is one of two small bags that I made with a yard of fabric. this is the original pattern

this is the smaller bag


I made a little adjustment to the pattern. They use ribbon for the handles in the small bag, which is only intended for use as a gift bag or something, but I wanted something a little more sturdy. So I used one yard, instead of the 2/3 yd they recommend. I tore all of my pieces, which made it super easy. You tear down the fold length of the yard of fabric. Which gives you two 21 x 36" (depending on the original width. Tear off an additional 10" which will leave you with 21 x 26" for each bag. Tear the 10 " piece in half across the length to give you two (four all together) 21 x 5" pieces. These pieces will be the straps. fold each long edge into the center, press, and fold edges together making a 21 x 1" finished strap. I sewed down each edge, and then 1/4" from each stitch line toward the center . Like this:

So that's my little bag. I'm making these for each of my round robin friends. This friend had a Christmas themed block, and since this was the largest piece of fabric that I owned that could pass as a Christmas fabric, this is what I used. I think she would like this better anyway, than some over the top novelty fabric. She might even have some of it already.. This is some of that older Dick and Jane print.
Well, that's it. Have a good day!

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Robin said...

What a nice gift for your friends. I like the ripping idea too.