Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My friend K and I have enlisted the help of our guild to work on Wounded Warriors quilts. One of the ideas she sent was for this easy quilt BRICKS AND STONES and here I am with all of these 2.5" strips of creams from an unused kit, and bags of larger scraps culled from my recent shelving of fabrics. I had to re-arrange the stated sizes because the pattern calls for 2" strips and I didn't want to trim the strips that I had. So, I ended up with 4.5 four patches, and had to cut the color 'bricks 4.5 inches and I increased the length to 7.5 inches.
The group is going to make Julie Braggs quilt for the project . Julie is a member of our guild, and designs patterns that you can purchase here:
JULIE BRAGG'S PATTERNS I have seen these quilts made up and they will be perfect. The pattern also includes one of those window banners that you hang in your window if you have a family member in the military.
I am going to use up my scraps. I have plenty of family members that would love to have a quilt from me. And the Bricks quilt doesn't look half bad finished up.
I have four days off starting on Thursday. I can't wait.

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