Friday, May 29, 2009


No. Not that kind of green. This kind:

I went to Miller's Dry Goods in Amishland today. It is my favorite quilt shop. They always have many Moda's. I went armed with my $50.00 store credit, and got out with all of this for $17.00. The light green print is for the back of the wedding quilt. It isn't a batik, which was a prerequisite, and will hopefully make it easier to quilt. And since it is almost a lime green, it was the best choice to compliment the bright colors on the other side.
I'm going to use the other fabrics to make that purse. Who knew? If you asked me what my least favorite color is, I would say green or blue. I am obviously deluded, as I have more blues than any other color fabric, and I love this shade of green, and I have more and more of this color on my shelves.
I have my new windows, and they will go in this weekend. And then everything is done in here except the straightening up. It will be so nice to open a window with one hand. It was starting to get toasty in here..

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Shasta said...

Those are beautiful green fabrics. I haven't made my way over to Miller's Dry Goods yet, but I definitely should. I've heard all sorts of good things about it.