Thursday, May 28, 2009


My daughter sent me a photo of my grand dog's new haircut. Other than that, nothing much going on in these parts. I'm going to Amishland tomorrow to pick up some fabric to back the wedding quilt, which I hope to then finish up this weekend. As I am going to be working consistently for the next 2 weekends, my time is running out. Also, I have $50.00 shopping credit to use before they realize they can't do it anymore. That will help.
Jonas, tuckered out from his day of pampering, decided to sleep in probably the most uncomfortable position he could find.

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sophie said...

You wrote: I just have the comfort of knowing that everyone that wanted change is going to suffer through it as much as my family and I will, at least that is my fervent hope. But I can't actually believe you fervently hope for the suffering of others, no matter what your politic beliefs . . . at least, that it my fervent hope for you.