Monday, June 01, 2009


I was hoping to have all of the borders on by the weekend, but other things took up my time. It will get done. Some of the circles have already been signed. I found a 08 pigma pen is perfect and shows up very well on these bright fabrics.

Okay, off topic. Everybody that reads my blog knows that I go on political rants, think better of it, and then delete the post, not because, as I was told, I don't stand by what I believe. It's because I thought I wanted one of those sunshine and lollipops blogs where people could come for an escape from what's going on in the world. There are tons of those kind of blogs out there. I enjoy reading them myself. When I think I am reading what I think is a sunny blog, and I come across something unexpectedly topical, it is disappointing. If it is something that really irks me, I don't go back, even if it is a blog I always enjoyed. That is a shortcoming of mine, which I am trying hard to overcome.

I have been thinking about all of this, and every once in a while, I would like to post a link or something that I find interesting. Something to do with current events. I will give fair warning, so if you aren't interested, you may move along. I will make the top of my posts sunshine and lollipops. I will find something interesting in a legitimate news site. I may or may not comment on what I think regarding the link, if I do, it will be short points, and not rants.

I really believe that we as Americans have so much in common. We don't wake up in the morning thinking, "What can I get the government to do for me?" We want to take care of our families, in relative comfort, unobstructed by outside forces. The only thing that divides us is politics. I no longer belong to a political party. I am non-partisan, and pro-American. And I think that all we have to rely on is each other. We can't let these political parties continue to divide us.

I want to do this for my friends that don't bother reading or studying current events. They have other interests, and politics is not for them. That's okay. (well, if I was to be honest, I think it is way better to be educated about it). But, no offense to them, I understand ignorance is bliss. Sometimes, I back off reading for a while because I need a little bliss. If I think that I can offer them something I find interesting, they might benefit from it.

I always have my friends and family who read my blog in mind when I go off on a political rant. I am honestly not thinking of the thousands of others who read my blog. I can't offer any way to fix what is wrong. I don't have a clue. I have become aware that I act like a know -it -all sometimes, and I admit now that it is when I let myself get emotional about a topic, I quit thinking with my brain, and rant. That's just dumb. And doing this is also for myself. I want to think that I might be informing someone. That is the only reason that I post those rants, and I apologize for using my emotions, and not my brain before I post them. I would like to know that my ideas aren't the only thoughts out there. You don't have to agree, but I think that we all can learn by actually listening with our intellect, not our emotions. It is going to be a test for everyone.

So, this is how it is going to work. If I come across a topic that for whatever reason I find interesting, I will post it. All comments will be moderated. All opinions will be tolerated and posted. What I won't tolerate is personal attacks on me or anyone else. These comments will not be posted, and the email will be blocked. No body deserves to be treated badly because their opinions differ from yours. All I ask is that you give some thought to what you read and respond with your intellect, and not your emotions. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for us all.



This is your link. It is an article in today's Pravda, media from Russia.

My thoughts: I think this is a very hard article to read. The truth hurts, especially when it is an editorial from a country that has not been a beacon of human rights for as long as I can remember and before. There are some points that I don't like. One point is obvious to me. So many people thought that electing Obama would mean that these governments would love us again. I think it is obvious they don't and never will. I am talking about governments, and not citizens. I think that for the most part the citizens of the world have that one point in common. We love and want the best for our families. Elected officials just seem to get in the way, and have become the faces of our country.

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