Friday, June 12, 2009


My friends got together to sew today and I couldn't go. I had to work extra. I probably could have made it at some point in the day, but I worked every day since last Saturday, and I just haven't had the time to get the supplies I needed together. So I went into work at 5:30, got off around 11, and went home to pick up my husband and daughter for a matinee.
Pelham 123, starring John Travolta and Denzel Washington. I liked it. It is weird seeing an actor I like playing a murderous bad guy. But on the other hand, John makes a lovable murderous bad guy, and I can't stand seeing Denzel playing anything but a hero.
COMING SOON... There was a short during the pre movie shows about this new movie. I think it is going to turn out to be worth the wait.
Midnight in Anchorage

Have a nice weekend! Here is a fun link for you!

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Robin said...

I liked the original Taking of Pelham 123 but it wasn't fabulous- how does the remake compare?