Sunday, July 05, 2009


My almost Son-in Law was in my studio looking at some of the things that I have done in preparation for the wedding. He started talking to me about the few quilts he saw hanging after I showed him the photo of the wedding quilt I made for them. Out of everyone in my family, he is the only one that has ever gone beyond the "ooohh that's nice" remark. I know that my family likes the quilts that I make for them. It is enough for me to see how much they use them to know that. But this guy went beyond that. He actually asked me how they were made, and wanted to know what "Best use of Embellishments" meant on one of my first place ribbons. Instead of trying to explain, I got out the quilt that won that ribbon.
He just LOVED the quilt. He liked the bright colors on black, I showed him all of the symbols, and explained what they meant. He loved it so much he took a photo of it with his phone. This morning he told me that my quilts were "the most amazing artwork I have ever seen!" Of course, I told him that the quilt will belong to him when they get settled.

I explained my quilt "Out of the Darkness Into God's Light" and how special it is to me as
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I made it after a serious illness made it difficult for me to remember how to make even a simple block. I showed him the psalm on the label, and told him why I quilted it the way I did. Then I explained Grace
Made 5 years after the other one and showed how far I had progressed since God turned on the light for me and helped me remember how to do this craft.
I don't think anyone in my family actually knows the reasons behind these quilts and how much they mean to me. I just never thought they showed the interest. Can't see the forest for the trees or something. But is is going to be nice to have someone in the family that, so far, shows a keen interest in what I'm doing. I showed him a Marine quilt that I was planning on making for him. He actually showed enough interest that he suggested a change in colors to give that dark background and bright colors that he likes.
This is going to be fun. Maybe he would like to learn how to quilt...


Teresa said...

What a sweet post, what a sweet son in law. I often wonder what people will think of my quilts when I am gone. Will they know the symbols and meanings I have put in them? Will they know what they mean to me? I am happy for you, happy you have a special bond with him now. Our quilts give us so much more than warmth.

kwiltmakr said...

How lucky your daughter is! Your quilts are beautiful. I am glad he could see the creativity in them and in you.

Jackie said...

What a wonderful future son in law you have!

I wonder what my grandmother was thinking as she made the 2 quilts I have. She passed away when I was 8. How special that your son in law knows the story behind yours!

Rian said...

I just love it when that happens. My son did that when he visited in June. He had never seen any of my art quilts (he lives in Ohio) and he had no idea quilts could be art. He asked how I did it and said he was blown away. Now that was a moment.

Kathleen said...

How special that you and he have that connection. Your Grace quilt is incredible. God really came through!

Rosemarie34 said...

Ohhh, I would kill for your almost son-in-law...let me tell you how my ex appreciated my quilts...I had just completed one that took 300 hours to make (machine made) and I took a photo of it in front of our fireplace...when the photo was developed, I showed it to him and his exact words were "Oh my gosh !! Look at the fire I made !" In other words, the fire was more important than my quilt ! And that is why he's my ex !