Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ROBIN UPDATE- not you Robin.. the one with feathers

I took this photo the other night before the robin roundup. This mama would be here every evening, and wouldn't move when the door was opened, or we walked and talked under her. She was always gone the next morning and for most of the day. As of last night there was still one baby in the nest. Today, when I found it empty I quickly worked at taking it down and tossing it out. All the while this little guy was sitting about 18" away. I didn't even see him. He never moved. I thought about what it must think about me tearing down it's 'home'. But he was probably lonely since all of his nest mates were gone.
And he is gone now. No, the dogs weren't out so I know at least he wasn't a snack.

All of this made me think about my "empty nest ' Like this little robin, I know it is scary to leave the nest and sometimes you might need a little push but once you are gone, you find this whole new world in front of you and you can make an exciting life of your own.. It is also scary for the mother (robin dive-bombing me) to see their child venture out into the world on their own. You fight the fear that their wings might not be strong enough to keep them safe. But the mama did her best to keep them alive and teach them what she could about the dangers of the world. She hopes that what she taught them will help them make good decisions. And the mama learns that at some point, she just has to surrender control. Not an easy thing for some of us, but like the little bird leaving the nest, the mama is also learning how to spread her wings and learn to fly again..

I know.. sappy. Normally I could never make an analogy between nature and my life. But this one did.
By the way, in case you feel the urge to get your shorts in a knot about the IQ post.. it was my kind of tongue in cheek humor. Just scroll past it..

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Robin said...

This Robin is suffering from empty nest too!