Monday, July 20, 2009


I sewed until noon. I started at seven, looking through patterns and trying to figure the best way to fit it with yardage. I didn't want to cut up my favorite silk print and mess it up, so I used the silk print that had brown and black with my first choice jacket pattern. Let me just say to Dorothy that her nice comment about what I can do with a needle and thread, doesn't extend to fitting someone with a body like the Pillsbury Doughboy....mmmmm biscuits...
So with one sleeve to go, I disliked the jacket and went shopping.
The first fat chick shop I stopped in had the perfect jacket and shell. Just what I was thinking of.
It has some sort of glue bead pattern and a few tiny sequins to give it a little sparkle. The set, although not fancy silk, is perfect. And I didn't have to sew it. Then I went to Famous Footwear, and went through the usual agony of trying to find shoes. For the first time ( I know, I'm a loser) I decided to go to Macy's at the mall, and 10 feet into the door I found perfect shoes. I told the shoe person what I needed, what I could stand to wear and she brought shoes to me in the color I needed. I know you are thinking, so?.. but the places I shop for shoes are usually self serve. The shoes are actually comfortable, and I will be able to use them with other outfits as, I am sticking with the slacks, so these shoes didn't have to be sleek little pumps or sandals. But they are still dressy enough. Now that I see what shoe shopping is like in the non bargain world, maybe I will venture out.. By the way, do you think I should find a different necklace? Or do you think this one looks okay?

So, now I can relax for a few days. I still have a few ends to tie up, but for the most part, I think its free sailing on my end. At least I have reached the point that I figure if it hasn't been done yet, it can be eliminated.

I had a brush with nature today.. I let my dogs out today, and one of the baby robins on my awning decided to freak out and jump out of the nest. Of course all three dogs were immediately on it. But luckily, they listened when I told them to leave it alone. So here I am running all over trying to catch this baby bird that doesn't fly well, all while the parents ( sure sounded like more than one) were dive bombing me and squawking.. So I finally caught it and put it back up in the nest with the other two. Before I left, I saw all three of them sitting with their mouths open, and when I came home I don't see them. I'm going to go out later and if the nest is empty, it is GONE. I wasn't quick enough taking the nest down after the last bunch of babies, and she came back and laid 3 more eggs. She's not getting another chance, and from now on I am going to be more diligent and take them down as soon as I notice they are being built.

I know how those robins feel... free as a bird


Dorothy said...

On my monitor, the blue/gray strand in your necklace is a pretty near perfect match for the beading on the jacket. Go with it. And seriously, no one's going to be looking at you anyway. Deep breath, have fun.

dee said...

I really like this and the necklace looks great. I'm enjoying this since I have my son's wedding looming on the horizon. I was afraid that wearing slacks was going to be a problem. I'm sort of gnome-like in shape and the thought of a dress was freaking me out. I was hoping for a nice silk slacks outfit.
Why don't we ask Obama...he's involved in everything else...can dress codes be far behind???

kwiltmakr said...

I just love it when you go shopping and right there is what you want. I hate to shop. Glad you found what you wanted. Keep the necklace, it looks good.

Rian said...

Sounds like you scored! I love the color of this dress. And I agree with the others, keep the necklace.