Saturday, July 18, 2009


This if my first choice. It would be a shell and slacks from the brown bamboo blend fabric. With a 'flowing' jacket of silk. And my necklace which matches everything including the greyish blue strand that matches the blue smudges in the print. My next choice is the blue base with a silk jacketThen I got to thinking that I should have a back up outfit. I have a dressy shell and slacks in black. I could just make the jacket out of this sheer silk fabric, which has black in the print. It still goes with the necklace.
My final back up jacket would be in this red rayon blend which has circles of several colors including thin broken lines of black. The problem is it doesn't go with the necklace, and I really like the necklace.

I think I will make the one back up jacket in silk just to see how much I actually like the pattern before I cut up the silk that I do like... I have 6 days.


kwiltmakr said...

Yikes! I guess you'll be busy sewing.

Dorothy said...

Gosh, I really like the blue, but I know it would look awful against my skin. The brown is really nice too, though, and if the colour is more flattering, go that route.

The black seems a little severe for a summer wedding, but I love that red. The second choice just looks very heavy for summer, even if weight-wise it's fine. Does that make ANY sense?

Robin said...

like choices one and two- but you'd better get sewing-LOL

PaMdora said...

I like the red and black. Hope you're not up too late trying to finish!