Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hi Everyone,
I've been so busy with a week left until the wedding. I finally got around to dragging up my dress form in preparation to make my wedding outfit. It was nice to be able to dial it back a few inches from the last time I used it. I have put this off long enough. I just dislike making garments, even though that is what I started with as a kid. I guess it must play into the notion of extreme dislike of shopping and trying on clothes, only to be topped by my dislike of shopping for shoes. I still have to find something for my feet. Although these brown new balance sneakers would probably match the fabric I'm using...

We have managed to make a few excursions since I last talked to you
We have a new 'Frontier League" five minutes from my house. We took in a game. I love baseball, but believe it or not, I have never gone to an actual game. I just prefer to watch on tv.
I don't have to pay to park or to see the game, I don't have to contend with the crowds either. But other than the family with kids to my right, having to leave their seats every 10 minutes, and me, not having the sense to dress for a cool summer night, I had a really good time.
Although the Indians play about 30 minutes from me. I could pay $20.00 to park in Cleveland, or $3.00 here. I could pay over a hundred for a couple of tickets with the same seats over the 3rd base dugout, to watch the Indians lose, or pay $8.00 a ticket to watch the Crushers lose. I could pay $6.00 for a drink at the place that used to have the cool nickname "The Jake" now it's an insurance company name. Or pay $12.00 for 2 drinks, popcorn AND Nachos. Doesn't sound like a hard decision does it? After all, if you love baseball, what difference does it make where you watch it?
Today, we went to a picnic on the grounds of NASA. We decided to stop off at the visitors center while we are there. I guess they plan on closing it. The last time I went there was when the kids were little. I think I either took my Cub Scout or Girl Scout troop there.
This is what the Hubble Space Telescope looks like.
This is a model of an Apollo space capsule.
This is a piece of moonrock encased in a pyrex pyramid.

It was interesting. My husband had never been there before. There were lots of kids there. Somehow it is just one of those places where you have more fun if you can see it through the eyes of your child.
Funny how much we don't bother with attractions that are close to us. You know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is close, and I have never been there? And yet I guess there are people that travel from all over the world to see it. I don't know why..
It's probably the way the people that grew up in London think about going to the Tower of London.

Well, I've put off the agony long enough.. I really have to go say out some pattern pieces and get started. I hope that you all have a good weekend.

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