Monday, August 03, 2009


Last weekend we went to Amishland to buy a window for my recently vacated guest room. I stopped at the nearby quilt shop, because I never pass up the opportunity to go to my favorite Moda carrier. While walking through the store I happened to spy this print in a corner .
It is an album block print made by Windom fabrics. It is a line inspired by Clara Barton
A humanitarian during the civil war, who is most famous for establishing the American Red Cross. I thought this panel would be an easy way to make a utility quilt, that I can practice machine quilting. This pattern uses a fabric panel, and a wide border. It is put together, and quilted, then the edges are scalloped.

The designer is a guild friend JULIE BRAGG SPIRIT OF 76 QUILTS

I've seen all kinds of these quilts made up in everything from brights, to pastel crib quilts. this is a really easy pattern, and depending on what you use as your focus fabric, it can be a striking quilt, and a perfect gift for someone. I've seen it made up with a kids print cheater panel in the center, in a crib size. And also in just one big piece without the border, just the edges scalloped. Truthfully, I have a lot of family members that would not appreciate the time that goes into piecing a big quilt. They don't make things, so they just don't get what goes into something like making a quilt. I could spend a month piecing something, and it would have the same appeal to them as a made in China quilt. But if I spent a little time making a quilt out of my stash, we would both be happy. They would have a handmade quilt, and I would have time. With Christmas only 5 months away, it is a good idea. And I think that most of my gifts will be homemade this year.. Stashbusting, homemade gifts.

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mary said...

I know that most of Christmas will be handmade. Not only is handmade beautiful but full of love. has many beautiful handmade quilts of every kind. Unique gifts.