Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's not like it hasn't happened before, I get 3 days off (4 this time) and I had so much to do, I didn't get anything done. Thursday, I took one daughter to the airport, and spent the day with the other. Friday the other one left and my husband and I had to run errands for much of the day. Saturday, I spent most of the day taking photos at a wedding. I don't know why anyone would trust me with that gig, but they did. So I spent the afternoon taking photos, and the evening cropping, adjusting light etc. Today, we thought we would take in a movie. I like SciFi, so we went to see District 9. I lasted about 45 minutes and we left. That doesn't happen often, and I have sat through some bad movies. But this was one of those hand held filming, with lots of jiggling. So about 30 minutes in I had a headache and was nauseated. Then the graphic vomiting started. Normally, that stuff doesn't get to me, but added to the rest, plus the fact it wasn't a compelling enough story for me, I thought I had enough.
The one bright spot is the trailer for this movie
It was one of 3 movies trailers with apocolypse themes. This one is the only one that gave me a reason for the world ending. I'd go anywhere with this angel...

So, it is 7pm, I'm writing the blog instead of getting dinner..instead of doing laundry... do you think I have a time organization problem?

Oh well, back to doing something useful! Talk to you soon!


Meghan P. said...

This movie looks crazy. Ben and me are def going to have to see it. Hopefully I dont have angel nightmares lol.

dee said...

My my, that is an atractive angel, heh.
That hand-held camera makes me sick to my stomach as well. There were some tv programs that used that for a couple of episodes and I couldn't stand it.
I just keep going back to stare at the adorable Lily. So sweet.
Hey my word verification is untrash. That's what I'm doing! Just taking a break. Back to the grind.

Jackie said...

I had 2 days last week after vacation for myself. I had all these plans and ending up doing other things. I wish I'd made better use of my time but it's what I needed to do!