Monday, September 07, 2009


Magnum Opus : The Book of Kells by Zena Thorpe

I have been lucky to see this quilt on several occasions. The first time, it was hanging in the Museum of the AQS ( Now the National Quilt Museum) . The next time was when I took this photo. It was at the NQA show in Columbus Ohio. I believe it was there because she was being given the title "Master Quilter".

The quilt is exquisite in it's detail. It is hand applique and hand quilted.


kwiltmakr said...

There are no words to describe that quilt. It is more than beautiful.I think I could look at that for hours on end. I wonder how long it took to make it and how long to quilt it.

dee said...

Magnificent. You could spend the afternoon and then some looking at this.
I liked the Tiny Mariners Compass very much as well. Thanks for the eye candy.