Saturday, September 05, 2009


Sam went to the vet today for his Rabies and Distemper vaccines. Although he wanted to crawl up my shoulder, I made him sit there for a photo op. Going to the vet is such an expense. The office visits are over $40.00. I try to keep it to a minimum. Luckily, my dogs have always been fairly healthy. We discussed Sam' s increasing problems with fear of different things. He will be eight on Halloween. Within the past couple of years he has decided that he is afraid of the noise that my husband makes in the garage when he is doing woodworking. He grew up with this, but now he shakes and hides even if my husband just walks into the garage. Over the summer, he does the same thing with thunderstorms and fireworks. Since we have inconsiderate neighbors that are STILL setting off fireworks until almost midnight, it hasn't been easy on Sam.
The vet attributes his growing fears to his growing old.

Speaking of growing old, I'm doing well finally. The first leg isn't as painful, and has decreased dramatically in size. My recently done leg is still painful, but not too bad. I guess time will tell when I take off the compression stocking for the night, tomorrow. I really dislike these stockings, they roll down in tight coils. At 3am, I was in the bathroom with scissors cutting notches in the elastic band at the top of the stocking that I have on. You know how you clip curves when sewing? It actually worked really well, and it has not rolled down since. So there ya go, just in case you are ever sentenced to wearing them.

Actually, it all makes me remember my grandmother who had these huge varicose veins. I remember her wearing her nylons with some sort of garter that was rolled down to just above her knee. Makes me wonder if wearing them like this attributed to her vein problems.

We put a new double window in my "Guest Room" today. My son said to me the other day "I thought you said this was a guest room, what is all of your stuff doing in it? " I told him that he must have misunderstood the MY in my guest room...

Have a good weekend!

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