Monday, September 28, 2009


BIRDS 'n' Roses by Margaret Docherty.
This quilt is hand appliqued, and she did some painting/ inking. on some of the birds and flowers. I know that there is a book published with the pattern so you can learn how she did it. It is a very beautiful quilt.

I stopped by my library today. I thought you might like to see how nice it is. It is wonderful to sit here in the summer and watch the sailboats go by.

As you can see, a sailboat wouldn't last long today if it was out on the lake. It is cold today with a high wind warning. Our electricity must have gone out at some point today because all of my clocks were blinking when I got home.That's about it. not much astounding news. Autumn is definitely here. I'm still waiting for summer to arrive. I have a feeling it is going to be a long winter. I usually look forward to fall to get relief from the heat, but we had maybe 2 weeks total of hot weather, doubtfully above 90 for many of them. But on a positive note, back to quilting and knitting. I get much more in the mood during inclement weather.


kwiltmakr said...

Very beautiful quilt. And I love the view from your library. We didn't have much of a summer either and now it is cold, for me anyway.

dee said...

Lovely view from the Library. Ours used to be down in the village near the harbor and then they built a new and improved one(not) It has one thing going for it. I could walk ther if I want to. Based on all I ate while in Maine-I should walk there every day from now on.
Thanks for the Charlaine Harris review. I'd been wondering if it was worth checking out.

Meghan P. said...

Beautiful view. Its almost hot cocco weather :)