Sunday, September 27, 2009


Let's see. I went to JoAnns and used my 50% off coupon on a stackable pullout drawer that I will put under my ironing station. I also bought this container that holds about 10 slim 4x6 containers for photos. I know, mondo exciting.

I also went to Borders, had a mocca, that was very good, and I bought this book.

It has alternative patterns for tube socks and the like for different sizes and weights of yarns, including worsted. It has other patterns to, but, I'm thinking worsted tube socks for cold winter evenings.
I also looked at this book while I was there;
It is written by a 'pollster' I see often on the news. I think he might do the Rasmussen polls or one of the other big polls. I can't remember which. Anyway, he has written a book based on polls of what Americans across the board, want, from restaurants, customer service, to their jobs , their family life etc. It looks like a really interesting read. I might buy it at some point, once I get caught up.
I finally got around to throwing out all of the shampoo that was left by my daughters. I have been working on the two red bottles for over a year and they are still half full. Those girls bought enough shampoo that they could shampoo a team of Clydesdales once a week, and still have enough for their own hair to be shiny and bouncy. I finally got tired of seeing them on the window sill in the bathroom, and chucked them all out.

I started reading these books
It's a whole series. I saw the paperbacks on the bottom shelf at Walmart, and I was attracted to the art on the covers. I had heard of True Blood, but I don't get HBO, so I never saw it.
I liked the first book. Then I happened upon season one of True Blood when I was at Sam's yesterday. I watched the whole first season in one day, and I really liked it. Let me tell you though, when you are used to seeing sex on ABC, it sure is a little different on HBO. Crap, I thought I'd go blind watching it. But, like I say about a lot of media, if they left that part out, it would have been better. I don't think it is needed for the normal viewer. And is exactly the reason that I got HBO and the other movie channels removed as soon as my kids got old enough to work the remote. I blocked MTV and BET for the same reason. If I had it to do over again, I think there would be one TV in the house with limited viewing times for the kids. I hate to think what all of these unattended children are viewing. But, seeing and knowing the way things are now, I would have done many things differently. I'm surprised my kids grew up as decent as they did. I was talking to someone recently about how hard it is to raise kids these days. You try to restrict graphic sex and violence on TV, and they go to a friends house and the parents don't restrict anything. Probably why my kids always wanted to go to their friends houses.
I am so glad that my kids are grown. Our culture is only getting worse, it's a moral free-for-all. At this point, I probably would home school all three of them. Cringe..

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Meghan P. said...

Lol I just wanted you to have a reminder of me lol. It was because I worked at DM and it was on sale lol. Also we never watched that stuff...Im a good girl. Im married and still cant watch that stuff on tv lol