Friday, September 04, 2009


All this, and I didn't spend a cent. My daughter sent me this ipod touch. It's fun, and since I have wireless internet in the house, I can use some of the fun applications at least while I'm here. Because once I leave the house they won't work, and I am not spending a cent so that they will..


kwiltmakr said...

What a nice daughter to do that for you.

Ryan said...

Ohh... have you seen the quilting applications you can download? I think there is a fabric calulator and block resizing calculator. NEAT!

I have one of the older ipods and would love to get a new touch. I have a ton of storage on my old ipod (60 gig). The new touch only has an HD as big as 32 gig. I'll just have to wait till they make the new ones with bigger hard drives.

sophie said...

You may find free wireless internet available in your travels outside the house, too, you never know; it's available more and more.