Saturday, October 24, 2009


Want to make a quilt with me?
Dorothy, If I could just sit and make things, it would probably be maybe a 2 weekend project. But, I just never seem to sit and sew for hours no matter how big my plans.

So here we go. If you have EQ6 I can send the project file to you. Just email me. I really wanted to convert the patterns to pdf, but there isn't a way to do it as far as I can tell.

I call this pattern "Krank it Up" because it is modeled after the quilt on the wall in the movie Christmas with the Kranks. I am not proficient enough with EQ to figure out how to put the border blocks on this image, so you will have to look at the photos in my prior post to figure out the border. Otherwise, I will try to explain how I would do this.
I turned the blocks so they are like the quilt in the movie. It is confusing, because it is hard to tell where the blocks are. But, if you look closely, you can make out that the original designer had a plan.

Since I normally concentrate on making miniature quilts, a 6" block is pretty big for me. This quilt is based on a 6" block. The blocks are set on point.

You will need 39 six" blocks:

The center HST is 4 " finished, and the hst's on the side are 2" finished. If you do it by the stip method of piecing, you will need two, 2x8" strips, and two, 2x4" strips to surround the center block. This block is also different than the block in the previous post. The quilt in the movie had less hst's surrounding the center block, so I drew up the new block so it would be correct.
And 10 light corner blocks. Please ignore the blank side these blocks are triangular NOT SQUARE.And 10 dark triangular setting blocks

This is the border block. I finishes at 4 inches by 6".
This is what the setting looks like without the blocks. All the different directions of the two color blocks are confusing, and it is hard to see the layout.

Based on this layout with the size blocks that I suggest, the finished quilt top with the border would be 44x44 inches.

There are several ways to achieve this:
THANGLES - printed half square triangles on paper that can be purchased in many different sizes
TRIANGULATIONS CD - This is a CD. It has pages of patterns for HST. you cut 8x11 pieces of fabric and sew them back and forth on the pattern, cut where indicated, and depending on the size, you can quickly make tons of HST.

Both of these are great for 2 color quilts.

The EQ6 program print out makes it easy to piece the hst's in strips, which is better than piecing single hsts..

Have fun!! If you actually finish one, I would love to see it, so email a photo, and I will share with everyone.


Dorothy said...

Oooh, I'm tempted. A six is block is just about my speed - I really don't like big block quilts. But what colours...? Hmmm. Whatever I choose, I'll bet mine and yours look nothing alike.

I would just piece it traditionally - I don't like thangles, or triangle papers. I don't even care much for foundation piecing.

Kathleen Wells said...

am putting this in my to do pile just watched the movie and loved the quilt on the wall thanks for doing all the work