Sunday, October 25, 2009


I learned a couple of things today, that I thought I would share with you. You may already be aware, but it is news to me.
First - these days, it isn't a good idea to pick up a magazine without looking for the price. I stopped at my local quilt/yarn store, and picked up the magazine on the left. No, I didn't look at the price. I figured $6 or 7 dollars. I bought some yarn and needles, and the magazine.. when I looked at my receipt trying to figure out what cost so much, the magazine turned out to be $14.99! I thought about running back in and returning it, but I didn't. I just learned a valuable lesson. I purchased the book on the right at borders and it cost $3.00 more than the magazine, BEFORE I used my 30% coupon.
The second lesson learned is NEVER settle for less, even if it costs MORE. I needed some #4, 16" circulars for this project. I wanted my favorite needles, addi Turbo. All I could find was the Lantern Moon on the left. Nice needles, expensive needles, made out of rosewood with brass connection "is machined, honed and polished with the needle to create a virtually seamless connection." I learned here that the key word in that description is virtually. Knitting lace in a small circumference is challenging enough. But when you add the stitches constantly getting hung up on that virtually seamless connection, it makes the process less pleasurable. Today when I went to a different local shop, I found what I wanted to begin with. I have already put the project on the needles, and there is nothing virtual about the join on turbos. This taught me patience. Work on something else and order what you need if I have to.
The last thing I learned today is this Book of Wool is really good. Especially with a coupon. And Dogs are better than Cats. I have the half off book that proves it.

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