Friday, October 30, 2009


Sam and Claire got groomed today, and since we have beautiful fall weather, we took them into the back yard for a photo shoot. If you have ever tried to get a baby to sit still look at the camera and smile, maybe you could have a slight idea of what it is like to photograph two dogs. One who doesn't listen to anything.

First, you try bribery, but once the cookie is gone, so is the dog.

So you put him on a leash, anchor it under the leg of the other dog, and get them to bead in on the cookie jar.

Even with the leash.. he's going to run any second.

Not perfect, they are looking in different directions, and It would have looked better without the leash.. but this will do. Thank goodness there are only two.


kathiemackey123 said...

Claire has this long suffering look that Goldens have perfected. On the other hand, they will tolerate just about anything for a treat. I love animals.


Meg said...

I love those pictures. They both look great.