Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is the Link to a UK paper story
It's probably no big revelation that I don't believe that Global Warming is real.  At least not real enough to tank our economy even more that they are already doing.

There have been no stories on most of the main stream media.  NBC and it's counterparts are owned by GE who stands to gain a lot if the government passes cap and trade.  Also, the CEO is in the Obama administration.  So...You have to watch Fox News to get any news of this scandal.

Off topic.  I am using an updated version of blogger.  It has some neat features.  It has a very easy to use link feature. With the photo feature, you can download a bunch of photos and insert them where you want.  It has a highlight and a strikethrough feature .  You can easily change the font and the size of the font.
I can insert a jump break.. don't know why I would.  There is a quote feature, and a remove formatting feature. 
Lots of fun things.  but they took out the one thing I really used all of the time.. spell check.  Wonder why?

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kwiltmakr said...

I would not do too well without spell check.