Monday, November 02, 2009

I mentioned in my last post that I was laying out quilts that had spent years folded in a cedar chest. I thought that you would like to see some of my older pieces.
This is a bedspread that was crocheted by my Grandmother Reed. She made it as a wedding gift for my parents. It is in very good shape, still bright white and the thread seems to still be strong. My parents were married I think in 1951 or 52. She used cotton crochet thread, and a small steel hook. Look at all of the bobbles in the star shapes. I can't even imagine undertaking this project. I know that she made at least 2 of these. She also liked to crochet star shaped table cloths. I remember one on my mother's table, I don't know whatever happened to it.
This was a quilt from my grandmother Given's family. Her family name was Hardway. They were undoubtedly poor Appalachian mountain people. There are no fancy fabrics in this crazy quilt, that doubles as a sort of signature quilt. It is made up of wools and other fabric probably taken from worn out clothing. It is decorated with wool thread/yarn embroidery. It is over 100 years old, and not in great shape.
This is a little cowl that I recently finished. I haven't gotten around to blocking it yet.
This is a flower garden quilt that was hand quilted by my husbands great grandmother. He remembers it being on a frame on his g-grandmother Rice's porch. She let him quilt on it. He told me last night that he was around 10 years old. So that would put this quilt being finished around 1965 or 66. I think I can relate to this woman. The fabrics look like 30's pastels/prints. And it took 20 years to finish. Sounds about right to me. Hand pieced and hand quilted. That's how long it would take me. Although, I would have to say I would have died of boredom long before I finished it.
That's about it. My daughter has asked for a quilt for Christmas. Crap. I'd better get busy.


Rian said...

Thanks for the quilt show. Christmas will be here before you know it. Crap.

jb81185 said...

I LOVE looking at all the old quilts! They are so pretty :-) I can't wait to get mine for Christmas and I hope Christmas comes super fast :-) Love the room Mommy