Monday, January 18, 2010


Marx, Mao, Che', Stalin.  Some of our administrations heroes. Anita Dunn White House Communications Director call Mao her favorite philosopher.  Obama taught the principles of Saul Alinsky a communist/marxist who is a hero of the modern left.
The the political Progressive movement has been infiltrated into our culture for almost 100 years. Franklin Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson were progressives. We may have thought of them as decent presidents, but they didn't do anything much good for our country.  Many of the intellectual elite consider themselves progressives and they are the one's that write todays history books.  Many people younger than me do not understand the truth about these vicious dictators.

Anyway, it irks me when I see t-shirts and knitting patterns with CheGuvera t-shirts.  Take a look at this disturbing link.  Our young people are being led to believe disgusting murderers like this are people worth emulating.  This site has Stalin, Casto and Obama (fitting) t-shirts for sale.  There is also a movie being made about Che, so that will further the vision of him as a hero. I don't know about you, but I remember what Castro did and still does to the people of that country, and what about Hugo Chavez?  I'm not impressed by these Hollywood nit wits who go visit and do hugfests with these murderous dictators that keep the people of their country poor and uneducated.  And that idiotic icon of the left Michael Moore thinks Cuba's healthcare system is so great.. I don't see any of their hospital ships doing Haiti relief.. oh wait.... they don't HAVE any hospital ships... they are too POOR because of their Communist culture.  Besides they can't get a rescue team in their 57 Chevy. 
Getting off of my point which is. Friday, 5-6pm Fox News.  A documentary detailing what these people really are, and what they really did to the people of their countries so they could climb  to their elevated positions.  Some of the video hasn't ever been seen, some never in the United States.  With the voices of the people that experienced what these men really were.  I think you would be doing yourself a favor to learn it, or at the very least refresh your memory.

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Rian said...

I could not agree with you more. Communism DOESN'T WORK! It's COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

I really feel for the poor people of Cuba and what they've endured since Castro, and my heart breaks for the Haitians.

Oprah Winfrey was in Copenhagen talking with someone about the wonders of socialism in that country. Well, there are 5 million people in Denmark, so maybe that can work for them, but we have what--300 million people in this country to support? I visited those countries last year and I can tell you the people don't like it one bit and are trying to change it. Income tax is 75%.