Monday, January 18, 2010

I've been fighting a cold for 2 days, but I got up this morning, dressed, packed my lunch, and realized that there was no way I would be able to put in a days work.  So I called off and I went back to bed.  My first time to call off sick in 2 years.  I guess that's what I get for bragging that I "never get sick".
I mostly slept today, and made some chicken soup.  I recently cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts , shredded them and froze them in separate packages. I have been taking the chicken for lunches, and today, I mixed some with broth and noodles for soup.  It was really good, and better than out of the can and just as easy to make.

I used the couch I was on to sort through knitting projects and yarn that I keep in a rolling ottoman that I use all of the time.  It has been kind of used as a catch all for all of the yarn ufo's.. So I went through it and put everything away.  Now it only holds a couple of the projects that I am actively working on. 
I also cleaned out the two drawer cherry chest that I used to store my needles.  I took all of my dpn's and put them on hooks in the closet in the spare room.

Now I won't have to sort through the whole box to find what I need. When spring comes and I paint this room, I am either going to have to buy doors for this closet, or I am going to have to take everything out again to paint the walls.  I have converted this area to storage for my battings, overhead projector, yarns.  The wire closet system has been invaluable for hanging rulers and knitting needles.  It is much easier to find what I need.

Recently, I wound all of my hanks of yarn. Instead of rolling the label and shoving it into the center, I folded it up, punched a hole and threaded a scrap yarn through it and through my yarn.  This way, there is no way the two will become separated, and I will know exactly what it is and how much I have of it.  If the yarn is for a specific project, I attach a small piece of notecard, and write the project name an where I store the pattern.
I am so disorganized sometimes, but I can also be uber-organized .  Go figure.

Did you know that you can put a small piece of cinnamon, or sprinkle ground cinnamon into coffee grounds, and make your own cinnamon flavored coffee?  Might be a duh moment.. but I tried this because I didn't want to buy a bag of cinnamon coffee as  I only want it occasionally.  Maybe I should buy some vanilla beans and try that..

As I have been cleaning and organizing, I have been taking a photo of each project, knitted or quilted.  I bought this container at JoAnns.  It is one box with 6 seperate photo boxes.  I found it in the scrapbooking department.  I am putting the photos of all of my UFO's in these boxes.  That way I know what I have.

The phrase "Out of sight out of mind" comes into play with all of this.  I started things, or bought fabric to make things.  I put them away and promptly forgot about everything that I had.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but here is a possible solution for some of you that are in the same position that I am.  I have broken some of my 'kits' and will use the fabric for something else.  I gave away a lot of the fabrics that I have 'outgrown'.  I will be ready to start working on something soon!!

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