Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How about this fabric  GONE WITH THE WIND
I could get some of this fabric to make a quilt using all of the Wizard of Oz fabric that sits languishing in my stash probably never to be used.  I loved both movies, although GWTW didn't have any catchy tunes to sing along with like Oz does.. Or I could use some of both with some of my movie theme fabrics that I have been collecting for a future quilt..

I could make a quilt with this, for when someone mentions my wonderful complexion and lack of wrinkles.  I usually reference how I am most like the saggy baggy elephant.  If I had a quilt with this fabric, I would have a visual to share with them.  I used to read this little golden book to my kids.

I'm working some extra, covering for someone on maternity leave.  So not much is getting done around here.  When I come home I slug on the couch with either my laptop, or knitting project
right now I am working on  this WAST SIDE SHAWL in a teal color yarn of wool and silk. 
I spent a couple of days making a hat called BREIWICK the cabled hat is in the sidebar of her blog.
I used a Aran weight wool that I knitted a cabled sweater out of probably 20 years ago.  I got the yarn from Ireland, and knitted the sweater for my friend to give to her son.   I had about 3 skeins left, and I decided to use them to knit this hat.  It was HUGE.  I pretty much decided that I was never going to be able to wear it.  So I washed it and dried it twice in hot water and dryer.  It is felted now, and I could get away with wearing it, but the band doesn't fit right around my head.  Although it isn't too big, it slips around and doesn't grip. 
So I had some other wool tweed, and started another hat.  It is going quickly, because I understand the pattern at this point, and I don't have to constantly refer to the pattern.  It also looks like it would fit a 'normal' head.  I will put up a photo when I am done. 
One more day to work, and then I will have time to do some studio stuff..

Keep warm!!!

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Rian said...

Not so sure about that GWTW stuff. Yay, no more work for a while!!!