Friday, January 01, 2010


I counted, and I saw 37 movies in 2009.  So many of them have been out on DVD for so long, it's hard to believe that I actually saw them in a theater within the year.  I like movies with strong characters.  In life, I like strong people.  I am not crazy about the Twilight series because I just don't like that whiny, dependent, clingy Bella..

What I consider favorites are the movies that I  would buy on DVD and watch over and over, or play in the background while I work on something. There were only a few this year.

Zombieland - I wasn't even planning on going to this movie.  The previews looked like one of those over the top, gory movies that I hate.  But it turned out to be one of the funniest movies that I have seen in a long while. 
Taken - I like Liam Neeson, and the character that he plays is definitely not a politically correct 'pussy'.. I already own the DVD.
Defiance - Good movie. Daniel Craig played a Jewish anti Nazi resistance fighter. 
The Blind Side - I love Sandra Bullock, and the movie is nice and you feel good about the world when you are walking out of the theater.  Favorite movie line,  "Did you ever think we would have a black son before we knew a Democrat?"
Terminator Salvation - okay, I'm a SciFi geek.  I love the terminator movies, and I had to have this one in my collection.
Sherlock Holmes - this was the last movie that I saw in 2009.  Christmas Day, the theater was absolutely packed.  It would have been even more enjoyable without some large woman and her coat spilling halfway into my side.  I will wait from now on.  
Really good movie.  I love Robert Downey Jr. and I am glad that he has appeared to have pulled his life together.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - bought this.. have to have the movie for my collection.  Probably my least favorite Potter movie at the time I saw it.  I had just listened to the book again before I saw the movie.  I understand that they can't put everything into a movie, but they changed characters and some of the important things that happened in the movie.  That's a no no.  I almost didn't buy it.  But now that I have watched it again without having the book fresh in my mind, I can overlook some of the obviously glaring discrepancies.

Other movies that I liked, I might buy on DVD, but maybe wouldn't want to watch over and over;
Star Trek - probably should get this.  I liked it in the theater.
Slumdog Millionare - great feel good movie.  Definitely  a movie you have to sit and watch because of the subtitles.  Not good for playing in the background while I do something else.
UP - It is a bittersweet movie.  I don't know if it is one that I would watch over and over.  It reminds me too much of what my husband and I have put off doing.  Favorite movie dog line:  " I don't know you but I love you.....squirrel!"
Night at the Museum, Smithsonian - I actually liked this mindless movie.  I almost bought it yesterday. 

The rest of the movies on my list were either downright bad.. Watchmen, the Informant (fell asleep in that one) or just amusing at the time, but forgettable otherwise. 

All in all, it wasn't  a great year for movies, but it is still my favorite thing to do.  I'm anxious to see what the new year holds


jb81185 said...

New Moon should be at the top of your list. And did you really say pussy? LoL you're funny Mommy. Love you

dee said...

You really are very funny. I must agree with the Robert Downey Jr. comment. I've always been hoping he would clean himself up. "Chaplin" was where I fell for him first.

I had the same reaction to "Up" and found myself sniffling a bit at first for the same reasons as you. I remain as aging Scarlett O'Hara many times thinking that I can always do that some other time...other times are fast going away.