Friday, January 01, 2010


I was talking to a friend recently, and I mentioned all of the UFO's that I have found while cleaning up (this part isn't going well, which is another goal entirely). She told me that she got rid of all of her unfinished projects because she didn't want to work on something she was no longer interested in.  This makes good sense.  I am sure that I still haven't found all of unfinished projects that I have laying around and stored away in my house. But here's the thing.  I DO still like many of the projects that I have started.  So I think that if I could finish them, I would have gifts for next Christmas all taken care of.  Here's what I mean;

My favorite easy quilt pattern called LUCKY STARS . This has a smudged black batik background with batik and hand dye stars. I still love it..

This is another quilt from a movie called A Gift of Love.  An old Christmas movie.  The concept is good, but when I look at it I wonder if I continue, will all of these hand dyes bleed all over the white?  Probably.  Back burner, or start again with different fabrics.

This is from a pattern called Interlocking Chains.  Good idea, nice pattern.  I think I bought this as a kit, and the fabric was cut wrong.  It's been a long time since I worked on it, but it is colorful and interesting.  It would make a good gift.

This is an Ohio Star quilt that I was making with hand dyes.  The blocks are 6".  I will finish this one.

This was going to be a nine patch gradation  quilt.  I'm thinking of changing it into a Jack's Chain.   Black and Hand dyed fabrics

Keeping my favorite bible verses within reach was the reason for starting this quilt.  I like this one to, and I will finish it.

Is it a UFO if you have put the fabric together and have a pattern?  Shenandoah Log Cabin by Judy Martin

These are fabrics and a pattern for Shakespere in the Park, also by Judy Martin

These are friendship star blocks done in a swap several years ago.  They are for a signature quilt.

This is also a stack of blocks done in a signature block swap that used this Paula Burch Southwest Fabric collection.

These are photo squares from a fourth of July family reunion.  The kids featured are my two daughters and a cousin.. Yeah, that's how old these blocks are.  The other is also for a signature quilt.. also old.

My thirties repro pickle dish

A Twelve Dogs of Christmas fabric panel and collection of 5" prints.. didn't get made for the past two Christmas seasons.. perhaps will be done for the next one.  I have 11 months.

This is fabric for a quilt called Hidden Circles.  Found this in a magazine. Lot's of points and curves.

This is a wallhanging for Fall.  If I wouldn't want it myself, I know it would make a good gift for other friends or family .

This is for a pinwheel quilt with hand dyed fabrics and black.  Easily done, good gift.

This is a handyed fabric and black for a larger version of my miniature in the side bar. These are 3" blocks

These were big batik Hawaiian Applique blocks.  It was a block of the month that was done by a local quilt shop several years back.  They are hand appliqued.

These are smaller applique blocks, hand applique, 8".  Just a sampler of some of the blocks in this book by ELIZABETH ROOT.  I am thinking now, that I will probably have a problem with the hand dyed fabrics bleeding onto the white.  I am going to attempt to head it off at the pass, but, If I had to do it over again, I would definitely be more cautious about the materials that I have used for a lengthy, time consuming project.

I'm not much of a cat lover, but I do love cat patterns.  Weird huh?  Lot's of different fabrics, and it will make a good gift for one of my cat loving family or friends.

I will admit that I am planning for grandchildren.  I have been buying things that would go with a coordinating quilt.  This year, Kohls had stuffed animals based on these favorite mouse books.  My kids loved IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE I bought this book, two mice, and will eventually make a themed kids quilt for a future gift. A back burner project.

Quilt, ornament and book... back burner gift idea

Pooh book and ornament, just needing a themed quilt and a grandchild.

This is a pattern and fabric for a Mother Goose quilt

Fabric and Pattern for a paperdoll quilt

A fabric panel for an ABC quilt- song lyrics are what attracted me to this fabric..

I even found a Christmas gift UFO to knit.. white mittens to go with this book.. and perhaps a bear?

And finally, this project that I found and forgot about.  It is to make a quilt called "A Trip Around New York.  I have used blacks and metallic cottons, and black prints in the spire sections.

I have come across more, which are on the memory card in my camera.  I will post another bunch when I have enough.
So you see, I have many that are just too nice to get rid of. And I do still like all of them.

I would like to get a quilt ready for competition.  I have been away from the game long enough.  Mostly because I am lazy, and I have a day job that takes all of my energy, so that by the time I get home, all I want to do is slug on the couch and knit.   That is another goal.

So, here are most of my ufo's what do you think?


carrie said...

Wow, I am just amazed. So many lovely blocks and quilts and all together to boot! I am also jealous - you could spend the whole year on this lot. I don't think I can even find half my stuff at the moment.

Looks like you are really going to enjoy yourself this year

dee said...

I love, love, your UFOs but I am crazy about the pickle dish and the trip around NY

dee said...

Ohhh and I forgot about the Elizabeth Root glorious