Saturday, January 16, 2010


As you can see from my previous post, I spent the day with my friends.  Every third Friday for the past several years we have met to sew miniatures.  We only vaguely do it now days, but that doesn't stop us from getting together for the day.
Every Christmas we take a group photo.  This was our photo from last month

There is a remodel going on at the retirement village that is the home of one of my friends. We always take our photo by the fireplace in this big area and this year the fireplace is gone because workmen put up this temporary wall to cover the work area.  One of the talented residents (this place is packed with retired professors ) decided to paint this wall.  We posed on the scaffold in front of the unfinished artwork.
This is what it looked like yesterday;

Complete with fireplace

Pretty cool, huh?
I have spent the day working around the house, and I finished a shawl.  Here it is blocking

It is made out of a Wool/Silk Blend. I will put up a better photo after it dries.
Other than that, same ol, same ol...

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Robin said...

love the shawl what pattern is it? The color is lovely.