Sunday, January 17, 2010


We are going to see The Book of Eli today.  It looks like it might be apocolypse movie month, because next week we will see Legion  Okay, I admit it, the reason that I want to see this movie is because of the hot angel with the machine gun. Gotta run, but here are some more ufos, and the shawl that was in my last post.

I'm not finishing this.  The blocks will go in my orphan box.  I did figure out how ti get the center seams of the four patches to lay flat as I pressed them, so something good came out ot making them

All this needs is to be quilted.  it holds those State Quarters and is for my husband.

Embroidered this for a sewing machine cover.  Still need the cover

Thought about discarding this kit many times.  I had a lot of problems getting the Moonglow kit together, which is why I never quilted the top (which I can't find)  This kit's directions are vague.

Just a little kit I picked up a JoAnns on sale

That's it, talk to you later!

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dee said...

stunning shawl. beautiful color too.
I am going back and looking at the wall that fellow painted again and again. It's so fabulous. What an artist and one with a lot of patience.