Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have a couple of rows before I am done with the first clue for my Evenstar shawl.  It is based on the pendant Arwen, then Aragorn wore in Lord of the Rings .  I know... I'm a nerd.  Proud of it baby.  When I discuss my favorite movies and TV shows with my peers, they don't know what I'm talking about.  Yeah me, and the  males aged 13-22 relate better I guess.  

I won't get into what a PITA it was working with the silk, and the problems I ran into with the pattern.  Suffice it to say, many starts, and a change of yarn got me to the point I am at.  But I am enjoying it.  
I started a miniature quilt yesterday, updates will be on my miniature quilting blog.

An elderly neighbor asked me to bind a quilt for her which i was going  to do this morning.  I have a sick feeling she might have died.  My husband said that he saw her son's vehicle in the driveway, and the ambulance left with no lights or siren.  I hope that she didn't.  But she has been in poor health for a while.  I am going to finish it up today anyway.

Gotta go run errands talk later!

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