Saturday, February 06, 2010


My husband is always saying that I should pay more attention to local news and not just national news.  I guess he could be right, because this snowstorm completely surprised me.  In my defense, it is his job to watch local news and tell me the important stuff.  Now I wish I had actually gone out somewhere yesterday.  All day long, I put it off thinking I could just go "tomorrow morning".  We got maybe about 6" of snow, but it looks worse because the wind is blowing hard.  I am going to have to get dressed at some point and clean off the back porch so that the dogs can get out more easily.

The other reason that the day didn't start well.. when I was laying back in my warm bed, I thought " don't turn on the computer, and make this a knit free day.  You have too many other things to do that aren't getting done."  So where am I at 8: 30?  Sitting on my laptop  with my knitting project by my side. 

Well, I am going to have to wrestle my mind into thinking I have at least a little self control.  I hope that you all have a great weekend, and I hope that you don't have to dig out to get out.


kwiltmakr said...

That sounds so familiar. And when it comes to doing the things I enjoy, I have no self control.

Robin said...

I've got snow too- about 5 inches. just dug out my car so I can go to Otterbein tonite for a play and dinner with twins for their birthday.

Rian said...

Girl, I don't envy you that job (shoveling snow).

Meg said...

ewww it look horrible out.