Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I love pinwheel quilts.  I've made miniature pinwheel quilts.  For the life of me I can't figure out the trick to perfect pinwheels every time.
I found a box of black and white HST.  I don't know what my plans were.  Obviously a pinwheel quilt of some sort. Some of the hst don't have enough contrast for a good pinwheel, so I trashed them. At first I thought, I would just put them in my orphan block box.  But I sat down and started piecing some pinwheels. 
First one didn't match in the center.  I wish I didn't cut up that dark print.. I really like it.
I took this apart twice, ripped and put back together.  Now that I look at the photo, I realize I can just sew 2 more sections together correctly, and I can have 2 more pinwheels. 
After several tries, I finally got it pretty much right.  I think the rest will go into the orphan box.


kwiltmakr said...

I agree HST's are difficult. I like to make my squares about 1/4 inch bigger all the way around then trim, they turn out OK that way.

dee said...

I'm making a baby quilt with half square triangles but I cheat. I bought that Triangulations program and print out the papers and make a bunch at one time on paper and cut them apart. Easy Peasy.

Robin said...

Kimberly Einmo has a ruler and book to make pinless pinwheels. She is Birgit friend.