Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My friend is the art director for a local assisted living place.  They recently had a big sale of a bunch of stuff that was donated or given away.  I had to work that day, but she brought me a bag with a few knitting ufos.  This is an unfinished sweater from a 1946 magazine.  The knitting needles have Fleisher featherlight  -  Made in Canada.  I may give it a go and finish it.  She was working on the front when she "stopped" .  There is a tiny hole in the ribbing at the bottom of the front piece.  It is tiny. I only know one person that it would fit.  I guess that it would be kind of cool to finish someone else's ufo.  I've never attempted picking up knitting where someone else has left off.. I'm not sure I can. 

Remember that neck spasm?  It got mostly better, although there is still a little stiffness.  I have complete tears in the rotator cuffs in both of my shoulders.  The left one has really been bothering me, and I thought that it might be contributing to the pain in my neck.  So on Thursday after work I went to the doc and asked for cortisone in my shoulder.  He did it, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I felt decent.  The days had 2 things in common.  No work and No News.  On Monday, I was half way on my way to work , listening to Fox News on my satellite radio when the spasm started between my shoulders and moved up into the left side of my neck.  I seem to have narrowed down the cause.  Although it might not be the only reason, I think stress is playing a factor.  So much work that I will never get caught up, and well... you know.  I've been putting off fixing my shoulders because my range of motion is good.  I don't have a problem lifting my arms.. just putting them down.  The cure?  Don't lift them.  Simple.

I hope that you all have a great week.  I will try to find something interesting to post for you.  I could show you the 24 cases of charts that I have to log.. only around 5-6,000 charts.

At least I have a job. 

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dee said...

Poor YOU!!
My husband had his rotator cuff operated on about a year and a half ago. He was back to work in a week-10 days. The surgery was at an out=patient site of the Drs. They did a great job and he, unlike me, listens to Drs orders. He a much more patient patient than I am.

WOW that's a lot of charts. That can't be helping your neck either.