Thursday, March 04, 2010


Recently I was commiserating with another blogger who was having a bout of neck pain.  I gave her my sage advice of getting deep tissue massage because that had always helped when I had that problem. 
Then it happened.  That creeping spasm which started by my shoulder blade and ended up in the back of my head.  I had ibuprofen, so I took that.  It was pretty bad when I went to bed. There, but not too terrible this morning when I went to work.  By noon I couldn't turn my head.

So I took my own advice and went out and got a massage at the fitness center I belong to.  OMG  5 hours later I have thumping pain on both sides of the back of my neck, and I can't move my head in any direction without pain.

I did have some muscle relaxants from a couple of years ago.  I don't know if I should bother going to the doctor or not.  He can't fix it.  I wouldn't mind being knocked out right now.  It is too early to go to bed. 

So I am sitting here with a shawl around my neck to keep the muscles warm, and I am only moving my eyes and my hands.  I will knit for a while and hit the sack.  I have to get moving, because I want to finish this little quilt this weekend.  Grrr...


Gerry said...

Oh, Ouch, ouch, ouch.
You have my sympathy. it is just plain awful to hurt.
I am sending lots of Positive Energy your way.
Careful Hugs for you, Teri,

Rian said...

Oh, dear. What a major drag. Heat therapy maybe? I hope you wake up all better tomorrow.

SandyQuilts said...

If I lived close I'd run over with a heated rice bag for your next. Sorry ....

dee said...

Take the muscle relaxer and hopefully you'll be much better soon. You're right, the Dr. can't make the pain go away and he'll probably give you more muscle relaxers with your bill.
Hope it's much better soon.