Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm changing some stuff around in my sewing room.  I had this brilliant idea when I first painted to put a cork wall around a small quilt.
There's probably a photo somewhere on my blog.  Anyway, the wall just became a messy catch all for every idea, article, project.  So I decided to take everything down.  This meant I had to patch plaster, and touch up the paint.  Luckily, it went fine and I put up a bunch of my quilts.  I need to get busy because I need more quilts to fill up this space
And truthfully, I'm getting tired of looking at the same quilts all of the time.
I put a couple of pocket files and some of my fabric postcards ( gifts, I have never made one) in the area that I had a couple of the quilts hanging.  I ran out of poster strips, so I didn't get to finish hanging the rest. I will put some of the stuff from the cork wall in the wall pockets.  

That's it for me this weekend.  I got another clue done on the Mystery Shawl that I am working on, but I am still a clue behind.  Oh well, this gives me time to see if there are problems.  Someone else can make them and post about them, and I won't have to rip back when I get to that point.  Also, the last clue involves 3,000 seed beads.  I will let the others forge ahead and decide if I like it enough to do all of the work..

Have a good evening!



kwiltmakr said...

Your wall looks nice. Wish I had the ambition to do some good cleaning and organizing.

Rian said...

Okay, so you have a wall of cork? Is it painted? I am thinking of doing this and then putting felt on top of it. This could work in the new studio. When I took off my felt (I'm moving) there were at least 100 push-pin holes in the wall. Tell me more about the cork.