Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am in the middle of a six day staycation.  I was gone all day, Wednesday, Friday, and today.  I had fun all of those days, but I am so glad to be home now.  I am not leaving the house again until I go back to work on Tuesday.
Today I went to a Fiber show.  It would normally be a spinners dream, lots of roving and stuff to use for it, but that is something that I refuse to learn how to do.  Doesn't interest me in the least.
I bought this bag.  It only cost $5.00.  Believe it or not, something similar to it, (this lady copied the original) cost's $18.00. Way less than I had to pay for the ER visit when I attempted to make my own only to sew through my index finger.  I'm glad I didn't pay any more, two of the snaps already came loose.  They are important, so I will have to replace them.  Good thing I know how.  I also got these cute pins.  I always said I wouldn't make socks for that reason ( to knit a pair of socks is at least $15,00.  And Bill appreciated the pin with the offer to trade tools for yarn.
I bought this hand painted  wool yarn for a shawl
And this hand dyed wool/seaweed (weird I know) for 1/2 price for a shawl
Another Wool for another shawl it is actually a paler green.  The light is playing tricks.  Oh, did I mention I am into making shawls lately?

Friday, I took my machine to Chestnut Ridge Sewing in Berlin to have it cleaned.  Runs like a charm.  There is a school next door, and it was obviously the last day of school
The kids were playing baseball with the whole family in attendance.  There was a line of dads sitting on a bench watching their kids play.  It was nice.
For someone it was laundry day
Relaxing on a roof for some goats
Ever try cucumber in your water instead of lemon?  It's good. 
See these little balls of yarn?  Look how much they cost!!!  I guess it is unusual to see them outside of Alaska.  They aren't even pure, they are a blend.  No, I didn't buy any. 
I did buy this shoe form..
And after all of that driving in the truck yesterday, Bill went to change the oil and found this in the engine compartment.  We suspect it is a squirrel nest.  The wire to the brakes had been chewed through.  Next time I see a squirrel standing under the truck or my car with his little paws up, there will be a squirrel tail on my car antennae. I always joked that it was trying to cut my brake lines, I guess I was pretty close. 

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Rian said...

Those are great pictures, Teri. Especially liked the laundry one. Enjoy your staycation--nothing better than holing up in your nest. Judging by the shape of that shoe form, it looks like it's from early 1970s LOL.